Peter Street Bird Market

Some images from a recent visit to Dublin’s Peter Street bird market. It takes place every weekend near the city-centre. Bird collectors come and go trading, buying and selling budgies, canaries, cages and accessories.

Obama in Moneygall seven years ago today

On this day seven years ago Barack and Michelle Obama and their entourage flew into a tiny town in the Irish midlands where they visited distant relatives. The most famous pic to come out of that day was President Obama having a pint in the local pub. Access to the bar was seriously restricted to a small pool of photographers that didn't include me so I had to make to with everything else. Here's some of the pics from that day.

Essex boys

I’m currently trying to put some order on my archives.  Most of my earlier work is in the form of  35 mill black and white negatives, usually Kodak Tri-X and then later Fuji Neopan.

These three images are from June 1983 and they’re the first photos I made in America. The photographs are taken from a room in the Essex Hotel near South Station in Boston.

I was sharing the tiny room with three friends from college as we searched for part-time summer work with painting  and building contractors in nearby South Boston.